About Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged anywhere in the world. However, we are operating with a few fiat currencies in different countries. We charge very less fee for exchanging cryptocurrencies, but sending and receiving them is always free.

Here is a list of supported currencies that we deal with:

Risk Of Virtual Currency Transactions

At ROLLCOIN, we take careful measures that your money is as safe as possible. However, here are certain risks that you need to carefully understand before using ROLLCOIN:

Note: At the time of account creation, it shall be considered that you have fully agreed to all risks.

1. Business Hours Risk:

ROLLCOIN does not takes the responsibility of completing any buy/sell/trade orders placed after ROLLCOIN business hours.

2. Price Change Risk:

ROLLCOIN does not takes the responsibility of change in price of any any digital currency since ROLLCOINis not responsible for determining the price of a cryptocurrency.

3. Liquidity Risk:

ROLLCOIN does not takes the responsibility of trades that can not be settled, difficult to settle or trade is done at significantly adverse price in spite of current market situation and/or volume due to any reasons.

4. Virtual Currency Network Risk:

ROLLCOIN does not takes the responsibility of virtual currency transactions(transaction authentication on blockchain). There is a possibility that your transaction could not be completed or aborted in some cases when adequate amount of confirmations are not received by ROLLCOIN.

5. Losing private key or passwords:

ROLLCOIN does not takes the responsibility of an account/wallet in case the user of that account loses the private key or password or both which is required to access the account.

6. System risk:

ROLLCOIN does not takes the responsibility of any transactions in case of system failures due to factors such as external environment.

  • * System failure is a condition where ROLLCOIN decides that complete system failure has occurred due to which online transactions could not be made or transactions are delayed.
  • * Online transactions does not include any problem with the customer’s computer.
  • * Please note that ROLLCOIN reserves the right to cancel the transactions that have been completed with abnormally valued price if the value of the digital currency is evaluated abnormally by our system.
  • * Please note that we do not make any settlements out of court.

7. Bankruptcy Risk:

In case of events such as external environmental conditions leading to discontinuation of our business, the treatment of customers' assets shall be done according to insolvency law, corporation law, corporate rehabilitation law, civil rehabilitation law and other related applicable laws.

8. Changes in Law and Tax Regulations:

ROLLCOIN does not takes the responsibility of transactions and their tax treatment which is subject to change at any time. ROLLCOINdoes not takes the responsibility of any tax liabilities, tax returns, third parties or damage to customers in any case.

Payment Institution License

Supported Countries

Currently, ROLLCOINis actively operating in the following countries. We aim to expand our reach further in order to benefit more and more customers with our exchange platform. Stay updated to get updates while we are working to grow our operations in your country.

Status Page

Welcome to ROLLCOINstatus page. We use this section in order to communicate any issues(past/ongoing) on our trading platform with our customers to keep them informed about the status of our website.

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