Pgp Keys

PGP or Pretty Good Privacy is a program that is used in order to encrypt and decrypt the mails sent over the internet. This program makes use of a combination of keys, i.e, Private key(which is only known to the user) and a Public key which is publicly known.

PGP uses an algorithm that generates a hash from the user's name and other signature information. This hash code is then encrypted with the sender's private key. The receiver decrypts the hash code by making use of the sender's public key. If it matches the hash code sent as the digital signature for the message, the receiver is sure that the message has arrived securely from the stated sender. PGP's RSA version uses the MD5 algorithm to generate the hash code. PGP's Diffie-Hellman version uses the SHA-1 algorithm in order to generate the hash code.

We at ROLLCOIN make use of PGP keys to access our platform to keep it safe and secure. We make use of it to authenticate digital certificates and encrypt/decrypt mails, texts and directories to store our data.

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Pgp Keys