Risk Disclosure Statement

Trading in cryptocurrencies and digital assets come along with certain risks. However, we can not address all sorts of possible risks of trading in virtual currencies. Thus, we are mentioning a few of them that can be involved holding, trading, or engaging in financing or financed transactions in Digital Tokens.

  • Market Risk: Losing money is an inevitable part of trading and investing, but you can minimize the risk and loses by opting right strategies. The truth is that if trading were an easy, risk free way to make money, everyone would be a trader by now. However, if you’re a strategically minded person, patient, and able to research and analyze the market trends, you’ll enjoy trading cryptocurrency and will be able to bring the most out of it.
  • Liquidity and Listing Risk: ROLLCOIN does not takes the responsibility of the volatile nature and the liquidity of the cryptocurrency market. It is quite possible that that a cryptocurrency may abruptly appear or vanish.
  • Legal Risk: The legal status of various digital assets is uncertain and varies from country to country. There exists high risk in trading in cryptocurrencies. Thus, ROLLCOIN does not takes the responsibility of the digital tokens whether they are regulated or taxed under applicable law.
  • Trading Risk: ROLLCOIN would like to inform that traders should pay close attention to their position and holdings, and how they may be impacted by sudden and adverse shifts in trading and other market activities.
  • Exchange Risk (Counterparty Risk): There exists several risk in allowing a third party in a custodial relationship such as security breaches, theft, etc. ROLLCOIN does not takes the responsibility of any such loss that takes place if the user allows a third party to hold their property for any reason.
  • Risks Associated with Financing Activities: Financing the trade/purchase of a digital token involves risks of losing your financing in case the market price of the token falls. Thus, there exists a risk where the user can lose their provided financing in such cases.
Risk Disclosure Statement