Security Bounties

At ROLLCOIN, a security bounty program is designed in order to welcome security researchers from outside and put our security to test. The security of our user’s data is our utmost priority.

Responsible Disclosure:

ROLLCOIN understands the importance of security on our platform. We encourage responsible disclosure of the vulnerabilities via our security bounty program. Responsible disclosure includes:

  • Not leaking and destroying any ROLLCOIN data.
  • Not making fraud transactions on ROLLCOIN in the process of discovery.
  • Providing us reasonable amount of time in order to fix the issues before disclosing it to someone else.

We encourage the researchers for responsible disclosure of any security issues on our platform. Thus we ensure not to bring any legal action against any researchers who follow the above guidelines.

How to report a security threat:

Please follow the steps mentioned below in order to report a security issue:

  • Send your report to
  • Provide a complete description of the issue, its impact on the security and services of the platform and suggestions or proof of concept.
  • Attach screenshots or any related files if required.
  • Include your name and wallet address for payment of rewards.
  • Allow us 3 business days in order to get in touch with you.
  • Provide us a reasonable amount of time to fix the issue and do not disclose the issue with anyone else.

ROLLCOIN pays credits to all the people who have helped with the security of our platform. Thank you for keeping ROLLCOIN community safe.

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