ROLLCOIN takes important security measures to ensure that the funds of our customers are secured against any theft or loss.

1 How safe is it to use ROLLCOIN?

It is completely safe to use ROLLCOIN for your cryptocurrency trades. ROLLCOIN has been built with grade-A security and latest technology architectures to ensure that all data, cryptocurrencies and wallets stay safe, secure and inaccessible to unauthorized entities.

2 What is 2-factor authentication (2FA)? How does it secure my ROLLCOIN account?

2-factor authentication (2FA) is an additional step to add more security to your ROLLCOIN account. By making use of a security code send to your mobile, you will be able to ensure that all important account activity is always authorized.

3 What happens if my ROLLCOIN account gets compromised/ hacked?

If you observe that your ROLLCOIN account has been compromised or hacked, report the same to us by writing to immediately.

4 What happens when I report an unusual activity on my ROLLCOIN account?

When you report an unusual activity on ROLLCOIN, we will make sure that you are signed out of your account, your account is frozen and all activities on your account shall be put to hold. We will monitor your account for any fraudulent or malicious activity and attempt to contain the damage, if any. You will need to contact us to check on the status of your account.

5 What is a public key? Where can I find the public key of ROLLCOIN cryptocurrency wallets?

Public Key is the unique address of your cryptocurrency wallet. You can use it to store and receive cryptocurrencies. On ROLLCOIN, you can find the Public Key in the "Balances" page by clicking on the "Deposit" button next to each cryptocurrency under "Wallets".

6 What is a private key? Can I have the private key of my ROLLCOIN cryptocurrency wallets?

Private Key is like a secure password to unlock your cryptocurrency wallets. ROLLCOIN manages your private keys and stores them safely where no unauthorized person or entity get access to. To operate your ROLLCOIN wallets, you will need to securely sign in to the platform.