What is BitCoin?

On 9 January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a ground-breaking concept of virtual currency known as Bitcoin as the first ever cryptocurrency to the world. Call it electronic cash or digital currency, cryptocurrency is a peer-to-peer money transfer protocol, completely decentralized and secured using cryptography. Recently, Bitcoin celebrated its 9-year birthday with its price rising from $1 to around $6383 on its 9th anniversary since origin.

Is Bitcoin Safe?

Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology. The key factor behind this technology is its transparency and encryption which makes Bitcoin safe and secure for trading purpose. In an addition, our platform ensures you to provide utmost security to your confidential data including various transactions and user details.

However, you are always advised to do some research. We bring you a series of articles to help you understand Bitcoin in and out.

Why should I invest in Bitcoin?

With up to 750% rise in price in a year, investments in Bitcoin can bring great returns to your hard earned money. According to a CNBC report, if you would have invested $1000 in Bitcoin in the year 2010, it would have a worth of around $50 Million in August 2017. Bitcoin market has been growing exponentially since past few years and new investors are showing interest in this potential market. Bitcoin already has an alias name, aka - ‘Next Generation Gold’.

If this fails to grab your attention, then nothing can.

What is BitCoin