What is Ethereum

With the second largest market capitalization of 2.3 trillion(as on June 02’20 17) Ethereum has become the most talked about digital asset which does not fails to grab the attention of investors since its launch in the year 2014. Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum is a decentralised platform with a virtual currency called Ether. Running on custom based blockchain technology, Ethereum is a super powerful distributed ledgered infrastructure which is accepted globally.

Ethereum platform is used in order to run smart contract based applications, aimed at solving various issues related to censorship, fraud and third-party interference.

Why should I invest in Ethereum?

With more than 1000 cryptocurrencies around the world, Ethereum has the second largest market capitalization. In less than an year, this digital asset has shown around 50 folds increase in its price. While some researchers find it one among the most powerful digital asset, some say that its market value may even take over Bitcoin in the near future. It is completely decentralised and one of the most secure cryptocurrencies to invest in.

What is ethereum